Shadows over Daggerdale


Meet the shifters


The circle was complete. The fire in the centre burned brightly in the dark night. She reached into the small black bag and lifted out a handful of herbs. She dropped them into a silver cup and placed it at the edge of the circle. Behind her was a cage with a weasel. It tried to bite her as she opened the cage and grabbed it behind the head. A blade flashed in the light of the fire and a gout of red blood sprayed into the cup. She mixed the herbs and the blood then threw it in the fire.
The flames at once became bright yellow, then green, then pale blue. Smoke began to billow above the fire, blues and blacks, coalescing into a shape, a face.
The face in the smoke shimmered. “Who are they?” The voice was like an escape of gas from a sarcophagus, a breathy hiss of dust.
“I do not know, my lord. Adventurers, treasure seekers maybe.” Her voice was, in contrast, like silk.
“They could threaten our plans. They are the blind spot in my vision.”
“I will kill them, my lord. Do not worry.” She smiled. It was her job, but she would obviously take pleasure in it.
“No. They are part of the vision. It is not clear, but they need not be killed. Yet. Observe them, report to me what they do and what they want. They could be useful, for the moment.”

The flames died down and the face faded. Her master was wise. She had only seen them as obstacles to be removed. Perhaps he was right and they could be put to use. She would not kill them yet, that could wait, and she would enjoy it all the more. They would meet the shifters soon and then she would get a closer look at them.

End Interlude

Coming out of the forest into the clearing, the adventurers find the farm that had been attacked. They sneak up and hear voices within.
“Have you found it?”
“Is this it?”
“No, you fool. Keep looking, these stupid farmers must have it. If not, it has to be in the village.”
They hear the bandits about to come out and decide to attack. When the rush inside they find four bandits. But when the steel begins to fly the bandits suddenly transform to wolves and the party knows that something is not quite right. After some frantic fighting they manage to kill the three weaker ones and subdue the larger one. He is tied up while they try and find a way to transport him back to the village. Unfortunately the wereolf has the ability to heal and breaks his bonds. After a short fight he turns into a wolf and flees, although he is severely wounded.
Back at the village, the party finds that the shifters have been and left a demand for the village, leave within 2 days or they will attack. After discussing the situation with Uther Flynt they discover what the werewolves were searching for. Flynt’s antecedent, Sul Flynn, left his notes and mentioned his search for the Crown of Tears, a powerful artefact from ancient Netheril, kept in a floating fortress called Murann-Dorn. When the Netherese magic failed, the fortress crashed into the dwarven city of Bronden’s Halls. Apparently the portal below Edgecomb leads to Bronden’s Halls.
Before they can decide what to do, the adventurers find that the shifters are just outside the village. Approaching them, they are taken to see Adnan White-eye, the leader of the Haraman, the weretouched.
He seems sincere but seeks to protect his people from human attacks. To do this he is creating a weretouched nation within Daggerdale, called Haraman. about a year ago they started to come under attack from human soldiers with several villages wiped out with no survivors.
The party also encounters Sable, the leader of the elite fighters of the Haraman. She is no shifter but a werewolf and challenges the PCs story. The surviving werewolf from the morning’s attack gives his version but the truth is soon discovered by Andan White-eye’s scouts. Arrack, the werewolf is taken away by Sable for questioning.
The adventurers secure food for the villagers for the evacuation and in the morning they leave with the villagers of Edgecomb and the other human refugees, bound for Dagger Falls.



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