Shadows over Daggerdale


It begins

Summer is coming to a close in Daggerdale and the leaves are slowly turning from birght green. Four adventurers have so far been unable to find the adventure and fame they sought in Daggerdale. Even the fabled ruins of the Tethyamar dwarves aren’t showing themselves. On their way to Dagger Falls, they think they have been out of luck in finding adventure until…

Outside the village of Edgecomb they are waylaid by a group of bandits. They turn out to be shifters, the weretouched, who seem intent on robbing them rather than killing them.
Undeterred, they arrive at the town of Edgecomb. This is not the village that they have been told about. It is considerably larger that the 100 souls it should be and is now bursting at the seams with refugees.
After speaking with the headman, Uther Flynt, they discover that over the past 6-12 months, outlying farms and villages have been raided by bandits and the farmers have fled, seeking refuge here. Now they are short on food and having to turn away any more refugess who turn up at the gate. Then a few weeks ago food started to go missing. First a hen, then a goat. Fighting broke out between villagers and refugees, older refugees and newer ones. Until the night a child disappeared. Worse still, last night another went missing. Uther is beside himself, his village is failing and they have just days of food left.

Eager to help, the adventurers keep watch over the town and find Rat-Men coming out of the town well, intent on abducting a third child. They manage to capture one and he reveals he is a servant of Shar and that they will “all burn”. The adventurers decide to seek out the Rat-men’s lair and put an end to their wickedness.

Down the well, they discover that the Rat-Men have taken over an abandoned Tethyamar site. They find a nest of the creatures who have been conducting rituals with the bodies of the children to summon Demons. Perhaps the most interesting find, though, is a portal, undiscovered by the Rat-Men. A shimmering wall of polished metal, it is clearly a portal, but without a way of opening it they will need to find more information.

On returning to the surface they find that Edgecomb has continued as before. In the morning a new group of refugees arrives at the village. This time though, the attack is closer. The bandits are only half an hour away…



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