Shadows over Daggerdale

Dragon's Peak

Returning to Edgecomb the PCs meet with White-Eye and explain what they have seen from the side of the mountain. White-Eye sends Speaks-with-Trees and a contingent of guards with the PCs through Bronden’s Halls and he is able to confirm that a Netherse army is marching on the Dalelands. When they return to Edgecomb once more he explains to White-Eye that the PCs speak the truth. Adnan White-Eye knows that even if he defeats the army of the Dales, that the Netherese have no love for his kind so sends the PCs to speak with Morn and try and broker a peace-deal.
The PCs swiftly return to the war camp of the Dalelanders and meet with Ariton Morn. After some persuasion, he agrees to meet with White-Eye and they begin peace talks. When the talks conlude it has been agreed that the shifters will leave Edgecomb but that they will be recognised as legal citizens of Daggerdale. The shifters agree to fight alongside the Dalelanders against the Netherse. However, it is painfully obvious that the armies of the shifters and the Dalelanders is no match of the Netherese.
The PCs spend some time deciding the best course of action, they could investigate why the watchtowers sent no word of the approaching army or they could speed their way to any number of potential allies and seek help. In the end they decide that their best hope is to speak to the elves of Myth Drannor and try to raise support from them.
They ride for Myth Drannor on horses supplied by Ariton Morn. Their first night sees them investigating a deserted farmhouse where things seem to have gone very wrong. On further investigation they find a long-abandoned village though the graveyard seems to have seen more recent visitors. Further investigation into the tombs leads to an encounter with zombies and a wight who severely wound the party but are dispatched before any permanent damage can be done.
Back on the road the party arrive in the outskirts of Myth Drannor. They are met by a group of eladrin guards, led by Thilarion, who takes them to the city. Inside the palace they meet with Ekariel, Thilarion’s sister and cousin to Coronal Ilsevele Miritar. She sits on the Coronal’s Council and listens to their news. She lets them refresh themselves and re-equip in the city bazaars before they are taken before the Coronal’s Council. The Coronal listens to their story and decides to help, sending a contingent of mounted troops back to the Dalelanders’ war camp.
When they arrive at the camp they find that the numbers of troops has swelled and men have arrived from the other Dales. Shortly after they arrive they see a swarm of what looks like birds on the horizon. Soon they see that it is not birds but Griffons, a squadron of female eladrin shock-troops led by Ekariel.
News that a large scouting party has split from the main Netherese army and has headed south concerns the PCs who seem to think that they are heading towards the floating city above Bronden’s Halls. This helps the PCs to decide that an army is no place for them and they must try to gain access to the Dragon’s Peak.

An extremely lucky shot with an arrow allows them to get a rope on to the side of the earth mote and Lagazi is the first to climb up. When they all climb to the top of the earth mote they fund a zone of grass that quickly rises into jungle. As they enter the jungle they are enveloped by the hot stickiness of a tropical jungle. They make their way through the jungle and encounter some of the less friendly denizens of Dragon’s Peak.
When they arrive at a small village they find all of the villagers run and hide as soon as they break the cover of the jungle. There are two farmers tilling an empty field, seemingly oblivious to them. When they investigate they find that the two villagers are in fact skeletons, mindlessly tilling the fields. The vllage is in good repair but the PCs have little luck in trying to get the villagers to come out. The discover that all of the villagers are undead, presumably by the magic that was unleashed on the city. They only want to die or be left alone, so the PCs promise to release them from their unlife and follow their directions to get into the volcano that rises in the centre of the earth mote.

They find a tunnel that leads under the river and into a cave. Inside they encounter a dead crocodile that spews a swarm of Tomb Spiders before attacking the PCs itself. They then encounter the mother Tomb Spider which nearly kills all of the party members. Both sides retreat for rest and recuperation. After some time the PCs comtinue exploring the tunnel complex only to encounter the Tomb spider again, this time they kill it, though only after it inflicts some grievous injuries on the PCs. Exploring further they find the Tomb Spiders’ nest but see some spiderlings inside. As they contemplate their attack they find a mummy has come up behind them and attacks. As they fight it a swarm of Tomb Spiders erupts from its mouth and also attacks. The PCs magae to defeat both, but several of the party are infected with Mummy Rot.



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