Shadows over Daggerdale

Dagger Falls

Travelling with the refugees from Edgcomb and surrounds, the party arrives at Dagger Falls. The arrival of several hundred refugees brings out the guards to find out what has happened. The PCs enter the town and meet with Eremon, the helf-elf proprietor or Eremon’s Emporium. They manage to poersuade him to sell them some items which may be useful later in their travels.
When they emerge they find Uther Flint being taken to the Contable’s Keep to meet Ariton Morn, Constable of Dagger Falls and Lord of Daggerdale. They walk up the stone steps to the keep and meet Ariton Morn, his younger brother Malack Morn and the Constable’s advisor, Haesten. They tell him of the shifter army, the werewolf elite, White-eye and Sable. Ariton Morn seems keen to meet aggression with aggression. He is counseled by Haesten and his brother for war. Riders are sent across the dale to raise the militia and the townspeople ready themselves for war.
The next day, the party seek an audience with Ariton Morn. They have a proposal for him. They offer to kill Sable, for a price. They believe that if Sable is killed her troops will be less likely to fight and that the shifters will either be weakened or will press for peace. Morn agrees and offers 2000gp if they can bring him her head in 10 days’ time.
Fully provisioned the party heads back to Edgecomb and manages to slip past any shifter patrols in the area. They enter the dwarven ruins via the fissure outside of town and activate the portal.

Upon uttering the activation word the mirror shimmers with blue eldritch light. The first to step through is Balthazar, then Grint. When neither return Lucan and Lagazi follow. As soon as they emerge from the portal they find themselves submerged in water. The portal room is flooded. They manage to swim to the surface and find a way out of the room up some stairs. They find themselves in a system of dwarven rooms, evidently some sort of royal palace. There are fissures and cracks in the roof and walls and there is evidence of the dwarves fleeing, but the place seems to have been deserted since the fall of the city oveer 1500 years ago. They find some valuable items from a statue to a 4-armed dwarven god.
When searching the throne room they are attacked by a hiding Roper who nearly kills Lagazi, though they all manage to escape. Exploring further they are attacked when the open a pantry door and find a large swarm of rot beetles feasting on a basket of Everlasting Provisions. They nearly kill the whole party and Lucan is knocked unconscious, though they manage to defeat the swarm. After resting and recuperating they finish surveying the palace area and head towards the huge door and portcullis that presumably leads somewhere…


There’s only one thing I can add to this…….“Surely there’s somethng we can put down the toilet!!…”
Sorry if I’ve misquoted you Lagazi.

Dagger Falls

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