Shadows over Daggerdale

Bronden's Halls

Heaving the huge wooden wheels that lifted the portcullis and the stone door, the parties were able to look beyond the palace and found the rest of Bronden’s Halls. The first thing they noticed was a smear of goblin blood coming from the level above and continuing across the hall. Following the trail of blood they found a room with swarms of rats consuming some fresh goblin bodies. Having dealth with the rats they continued, only to be attacked by some giant centipedes which were living in the dwarven latrines. Following the bllod further they come across a communal bath which leads beyond the dwarven part into natural caverns.
The caversna are partially flooded and the PCs spent some time following watery paths through caverns before they were attacked by a pair of dire stirges. Though they dealth with the dire stroges easily enough, they are intrigued when they find piles of stones upon which rest the dead bodies of goblins. Something had built these platforms to keep their food out of the water. It wasn’t long before the party stumbled into a Kruthik brood nest. They quickly dispatched the mother and hatchlings, but the Kruthik Hive Lord and his males were soon on the scene. The party were surprised by the speed at which the Kruthik would dig through solid stone but a lucky sleep spell managed to soothe the savage Hive Lord and the rest were quickly killed.
Returning to the dwarven stronghold they find the stairs to the next level and ascend. Above they find a shuge statue of the dwarven god and a secret room housing an ancient dart gun that was to be used by the dwarven defenders. Leaving this room they found a large circular corridor that had open spaces, presumably for shops. Rounding a corner they found that there are at least two concentric rings and from just outside of their line of sight they headr voices, goblin voices.



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